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This subscription is only for our PLEX EPG feed.

Please Note: The PLEX feed can also be used with a standard IceTV subscription.

$3.99 per Month*

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* IceTV defines a month as 30 days.

IceTV's PLEX Subsription does not include IceTV's Full Service with Smart Recording:

  • IceTV is an accurate, curated guide.
  • IceTV is optimised for recording TV.
  • IceTV is updated throughout the day.
  • IceTV's PLEX EPG feed covers all regions in Australia.
  • We advise a final refresh just before prime time.

Plex Setup

The instructions for setting up Plex to use IceTV can be found at Setting up IceTV and Plex

Educational Site Licence

To purchase an Educational Site Licence ($219 inc GST annually) click here.